Pre-Order Fortier: The Long Night Now!

Fortier: The Long Night is now out!

Alfred, the Fortier. The strongest of all the vampires.
                                                                      Fear him…

Two prominent vampire families have fallen because of him alone.
For he fears nothing…

The Elders make the rules but Alfred wants to break them.
                                                                …And no one is safe.

After ripping out the heart of someone close to end a war between two vampire families, Alfred finds himself on a path towards the Elders. He wants things to change. He will not ask nicely. He will not allow anyone else to be controlled by them.

Along the way, Alfred reunites with an ancient vampire from his past, joins forces with an unlikely ally, and finds himself putting his trust in those he thought were fighting against him.

Ripping out throats and beating hearts, Alfred leaves blood and bodies in his path where nothing, and no one, will stop him from what he desires most… ridding the earth of the Elders.

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