Huge Website Upgrade + Titanlord and Fortier Release Date and News

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If you’re seeing this, then welcome to the new and enhanced version of my website. I want you to know that this is a giant step that is making me a bit nervous as well, but we started this together, so now let’s finish it together as well. This is no longer just a blog, but also a bookstore. No, a website… A mixture or both? Let me try this again: this is where I get to call my writing home. I’ll still be blogging about writing and giving you advice where and when I can (honestly, doing this jump is exciting as well as terrifying as well, but I figured since you all were with me since the beginning, it’d be a great idea to involve you all in the process).

 In case you’re wondering why there has been little update in terms of blog posts and/or book release dates and short stories… Look behind, a unicorn! Didn’t work? Damnit.

About the lack of blogs

 I’ve been brainstorming a few concepts for a while now, but truth be told, I need your suggestions since I think I covered nearly all aspects of writing (in one way or another) so do let me know what you want me to cover more in depth. Whether it’s my writing process, motivation or the horrifying room that all the characters I killed in my books haunt now. But, I have a lot more coming your way so please have patience and bare with me! If you’d like to stay updated, don’t forget to sign up to my email list. I’ll often send updates or questions there (might even provide some goodies) but more importantly, I won’t spam you because I have been spammed before, I’ll try to limit the emails to once or twice every month okay? Fair? Good.


This. The final draft has been ready, I swear I haven’t been slacking off or not writing, I promise. But the problem is that I tried to go the traditional route but eventually opted to self-publish it. Due to creative control, and the whole long process of sending an agent a query, and if they’re interested, you have to wait around 6 months average for a response (and some do not allow simultaneous submissions as well).

“So? Self-publish it like you did with Dragon Tooth, what’s the big deal?” I hear you asking. But the thing about self-publishing is that there are expenses. Editing, cover design and layout formatting, all that is added up in the total cost of publishing it. I’m trying to perfect it as much as I can so I can give you a solid copy that is worthy of remaining on your bookshelves.

“Okay M, I got you. So now, when’s the release date?” Did you ask that? Or was I imagining things? Anyways, the release date is: I DON’T KNOW, PLEASE STOP ASKING IT MAKES ME FEEL BAD, SAD AND DEPRESSED. Okay I may be overreacting a bit, but in truth, I was planning to release Titanlord before the end of 2017 (and we all know how strict I am with deadlines) but I just didn’t want to rush the release as I did with Dragon Tooth, I want it to take its time and just hope that you’ll appreciate it when it comes out.

“I’m not happy, M, not one bit.” Okay okay! How about this, in a few weeks, I’ll be releasing a short manga adaptation of Titanlord right here on this website for your… eyly pleasure. Not the prologue, not chapter 1, but the adaptation serves as the perfect introduction to the world of Titanlord and I think you’ll love it. P.S: The artist I’m working with is seriously talented and I’m so lucky that she accepted working with me, I mean honestly.

“Okay! Sounds good. I suppose. Let me just head over to the left and sign up to your newsletter!” Why thank you, my friend, I suppose I could release a teaser much earlier to those on the newsletter as well right- what? Whaaaa, I’m not overly advertising anything come on… Okay fine I’ll stop.

Fortier: The Long Night 

If you follow me on social media (@infrangilis), you’ll know by now that I am working on another book called (Fortier: The Long Night) which is a direct sequel of (Fortier: Blood & Moon), and I’ve been having way too much fun with it to be honest and can’t wait to release a few chapters early on so you know what you’re in for. But trust me, this is not going to be a light-hearted romance vampire story (I saw you smirk a bit… haha, I know what you’re thinking of :D).

This “book” is packed with gore, epic battles and convoluted events that will challenge your understanding of the world and history (yes, history). It’s still nowhere to be done though, so when I have more information about this, I might do a separate post. But, I might be needing Beta Readers sooner rather later, so if you’d like to Beta Read for me, get in touch! P.S: You don’t need to read Blood & Moon to read The Long Night. If you did then you’re in for a treat is all.

That’s all for now,
Until next time,
Write on.

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