Greatness Begins With A Step

I’ve been wanting to write about this since a very long time to be honest, but I never seemed to have the time to do it. The thing about greatness is, that it can be considered a skill that one can grow used to. Too many times do we sit alone doubting whether we can pull off another day or not.

“A good life is fine… “

Once, someone asked me about greatness to which I responded it is like the air we breathe. We are surrounded by it, yet just because we don’t see it, it doesn’t concern us. Greatness is something you can FEEL but not actually SEE. I remember watching a presentation where the presenter asked the audience “What is the greatest obstacle towards greatness?” to which many of the audience responded with good wrong answers.

He then proceeded to say that the greatest obstacle to a great life… is a good life. A good job, a good life, a good… settlement. Why do we settle for a boring life when we are just a breathe away from greatness? Often people wonder why I exhaust myself with work and other projects without getting paid a dime. They are amazed that I do this, and when I tell them “I’m looking at the bigger picture” they don’t seem to understand.

I know how people and life in general can affect your mentality, your personality, your motives and even your objectives… but it shouldn’t. You shouldn’t accept the pressure that people put on you, wanting you to become just like everybody else, and see you will always have someone who wants you to become just like them, have a perfectly safe job and whatnot. However, remember that the worst thing you can do, is to be like everybody else.

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