Book Update – Dragon Tooth

Welcome to the Dragon Tooth post!

Starting from 2013, I’ve been working on a short novel that revolves around the world of Dragon Tooth, one of the strongest guilds and how they deal with everyday politics until a threat arrives that challenges the world as they know it. It’s a story of strength and weaknesses. Mages and Assassins, Darkness and Light.

I thought I’d share with you guys how its going and what interesting things are happening as well!

The novel is not yet done, I know it’s been 2 years and its closing in at 3 years but it is a pretty damn exhausting procedure to write a novel. Not only have I learned and pushed my writing to new levels, but also it taught me lessons about consistency and determination.

As of now, chapter 4 is officially done and I began writing chapter 5. What’s next? Well, they are a total of 6 chapters so its really nearly done. I’ve been sending it to people of interest as well to see what the feedback is, and it has been amazing!

A couple of publishing companies have actually approached me to publish the book as well, so I’m taking my time with it and don’t want to rush things too, but lots of exciting things are happening.

I’ll do another post actually about the publishing deals as I think it might be useful to someone who is new to this (me as well) so we can learn together as I go through this exciting experience.

Until then,


M.G. Darwish is an award nominated author who writes dark, twisted and action-packed fiction. He tries his best not to base his characters on anyone he knows in real life to avoid that extra weird conversation about how they were brutalized and killed in the book. Oh and he's terrified of a penguin uprising more than ghosts and demons.

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