Newsletter Exclusive: Titanlord 2 – Teaser Chapter

If you’ve found this, then you’re special. This is a hidden, unedited chapter of Titanlord 2. This page does not show in engines, nor is it meant to be found. Please do not share this with anyone.

Silence gloomed in Hollowland, Ceris was jogging against the dust that riled up from his movement. He was panting, out of breath, only one thing was clear in his mind. He reached the top of the hill that oversaw nearly all visible points in Hollowland and paused when he reached Colossal.

He was perfectly still. Not a movement, not a breath or any form of sign that indicated his consciousness, it was clear: Colossal had gone into slumber. Yet Ceris stood before him, panting heavily and calling his name. “Colossal… I know you’ve seen it too… “

Still, Colossal didn’t seem to respond in the least bit. Ceris knew that was meant to happen. It was meant to be, for some odd reason that he didn’t understand, Colossal was destined to go to slumber and awake only when time dictated as such.

Yet there was a fire in his eyes. Something that he’d seen that would come to be, something unimaginable that would turn the tide of the war at their hands. As patterns were beginning to change, and signs foretelling of a fate far worst than death, he would do the unthinkable: raise Colossal from his slumber at all costs.

“If the Creator has willed what I have just seen, he wouldn’t have shown it to me Colossal… You must rise! This shadow cannot be cast, or all of light as we know it will perish.” He said as his voice broke down. Tears began running down his cheeks.

“Colossal… I beg of you… There won’t be enough time to save them,” he pleaded a final time as he fell to his knees. He drove his hands into the dirt below him, and placed forehead on the ground. “Then why show this to me! If after everything that we endured and we saw pass, why show me the end, if the only one capable to stop it lays in deep slumber! Why!”

Ceris felt a beckoning. A tingle that played gently within his heart. He stopped, and slowly tilted his head towards Colossal. His eyes laid wide open.

“Colossal… ” he whispered.

“On your feet old man,” Colossal commanded, as he gave Ceris his back.

“You’re awake… Does that mean-”

“I’ve seen it too,” he said and silence stalked for but a moment. For whatever reason it was, Ceris had pulled him out of it. “It’s at risk. The Grand Design.”

“I had no other choice Colossal… Forgive me,” Ceris said as his eyes hollowed out. “I know what this will do to you… But for the first time in ages, I didn’t know what else-”

Colossal turned and gazed into his eyes. “You’ve done the right thing. The balance is tipped, but then again…” Colossal paused and cocked his hand in his pocket, and took out an amulet. He balled his hand into a fist.

He then squeezed tightly. The amulet burst in his hand.

“Now, the time is ripe.”

4 comments on “Newsletter Exclusive: Titanlord 2 – Teaser Chapter

  • micheal elwood says:

    Reads fine to me, even after the third time, difficult to judge it’s quality of contribution to the overall story, but if an old man has to run for help to someone far superior to himself that would add some drama to the scene as laid out.
    Colossals squeezing of the amulet warns of a great power or weapon that could turn the situation to their advantage

  • Carol Peake says:

    It reads fine,the tension and mystery builds until colosul breaks the amulet.
    The only problem is now I need more .xx

    • Thank you Carol! I’m in the process of finishing up my edits so I can send them across to my editor, so hopefully you won’t have to wait too long!


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