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Alfred has returned. He ended the civil war that plagued the Underground, now he sets his gaze on a curse that has long haunted them…


The world had changed. The Red Hand led a rebellion against the Magmars and lost. Now, their tyranny eclipses that of the Titans themselves.


Alfred Zeidan is the Fortier. The Strongest among vampires. He had secluded himself away from society for years but now, at the request of his father, he returns. For better or worst.


In a morbid city, police often resorted to a super detective who tackles the cases that seem unsolvable. The killings under the Moonlight haunted everybody in the city of Finnevile.


Rumors about a gouging rider of death permeate the lands of King Ronald the Just. His reign brimmed with justice and hope for all those who sought the crown for help in times of need.


A just King has struggled to have an heir to his kingdom, he is persuaded to summon a witch and gaze into the future, and see what happens. But he does not like what he sees.


Dragon Tooth is a dark fantasy, where magic plays a significant role in how the world is shaped. Grand magic battles, and a mysterious plot captures the heart of legends, as they battle destiny itself.


In the fictional city of Ganea, a super detective by the name M exists. He is one of the most renowned detectives known for tackling cases that often others shy away from.


Jack of Scurvy Bay follows a young man’s adventure and rise to power. His thirst for freedom and treasure drives him to the only thing that offers freedom: piracy.


Unsolved cases demand the attention of a famous detective, known for tackling a lot of mysterious with success. His success rate struck fear into the hearts of every criminal.