The Will to Change the World

Too many times we spend inside a bubble that has existed for so long, too many times do we point fingers, blaming this and that why something is not how we want it to be, too many times do we spend worrying, criticizing not knowing what the future holds but yet we all know that we do nothing about it. What is wrong with the world? Many things. Too many things to change, some even argue that no one can change the world and warns that if you spend too much time trying to change the world, the world changes you. 
 “I exist, therefore I matter. ” – Plato.
The problem isn’t something bigger than you, it is the root that needs to be changed. Some people spend too much time criticizing the world that they forget they are part of it. But, do you know what the problem really is? It is you. You’re doing nothing, you waste time talking about how rotten the world is yet you do not take action; that is the problem. You see each and single one of us has the power to change the world but we let our insecurities get the better of us, we dwell on shadows of doubts that should not exist in any person’s mind. “Am I good enough? Can I do this? Am I even capable of doing this? Why did I fail?”. 
We always lose some battles, always fail to accomplish some of our goals but you know what? That’s part of life as well, going through defeat, how else would you savor the taste of victory? How else would you know how to win? Winners aren’t those who don’t lose, they are the ones who don’t give up, because when the will is strong enough, the how gives way and that completes the cycle of life, which dictates that in order to win, you need to first lose, and THEN learn how to win.
 We are all powerful, more powerful than we anticipate, more powerful than we think we are, more powerful than what we giver ourselves credit for, but all those things evaporate we don’t nurture our talents, feelings, emotions and thoughts. Cherish your memories and hold them dear, remember why you want to change the world, to create a better future, and through those memories, let the light of you shine, so that other may follow in your footsteps and walk beside you. Give yourself the permission to rise, shine and excel. Push your boundries and go out of your comfort zone instead of staying in the bubble YOU KNOW exists, and remember that if you stay long enough and didn’t change the bubble, you BECOME the bubble. 

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