The World, between the Past and the Present

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” ~ Albert Einstein
What is the past? Why is there a future? Why is there hope? How different is the present now from the past? Changes are bound to happen. But sometimes we should go back to the beginning and review the changes that were made. Figure out if they were real good changes or not, for example, lets take a look back at the past and notice what was there that is now gone? What disappeared from there? What popped into your head just now? Hold that thought…
In truth, even the concept of time can be made simple, past, present and future are linked all together, there is no separation between them, the separation is merely an illusion, so in essence, by changing one aspect of the past, you’d be changing the present, ultimately affecting the future. That’s the linked relationship of time, that sometimes even the smallest things can have the most effects on our future, so for a better tomorrow, we can only learn from the past, avoid the mistakes and build on our knowledge to spark a hope that can change the world. However, sometimes, there are people who use this for their personal gain, creating a world that fits their little boxes. Turning people into living dead by taking away their most prized attribute; imagination. Imagination itself is power, even greater than knowledge because it directly affects what options do you see.
We live in a caged world nowadays, but it hasn’t been that way forever. This was new, the world changed, from past to present, things were improved and evolved tremendously, of that there is no doubt, but would that good justify all the evil that happened on the side? For example, do you see the word ‘honor’ nowadays? Back then, wars have started over this small word. You might argue the fact that it was for the better, but keep in mind there is a difference between PRIDE and HONOR. What is honorable? Does that word have carry any weight anymore?
I would love to raise the question as to why the world now depends so heavily on money, what is money? It is worthless in fact. We, gave it, its value, and now it has taken control of our lives, now, without money you will just not be able to live (unless born in a wealthy family, that is another case) however take money out of the equation for a second, and what do you get? Horrible results. What would someone benefit from this system based around money you asked? Well, for starters it makes us as humans more predictable, it is just a means to control people, the ‘better’ and ‘upgraded’ form of slavery; debts. I often raise the issue that slavery still exists among us, its just that since the old system involved chains and a physical cage that there was even the OPTION of escaping, they lost the chains and made the cage invisible.

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