Knowing Everything

Knowledge is power

Why is it that this statement has nearly lost its affect? It’s very rare to see someone learning because they want to learn not because they have to, there’s a clear difference. For example, why was it so easy for you to learn how to write? How to speak? To answer, because you really wanted to, not because you had to. I was surprised when I heard someone say ‘I know everything’ obviously it didn’t surprise me that he said it, but the fact that they thought a statement like that can even exist, even if it did, what good would come from it? It’s all a little too overrated and pointless really, proof? We’ll be getting down to that in a moment. 
What do you define as being knowledge? Is it general information about a certain matter? Or is it maybe just information specifically on what you need around you? Or is it something else? Knowledge is power, and that power comes from experience.  For example, if a person see’s a pit of fire in the middle of the road, they will try to walk through it (provided they have no basic knowledge of fire whatsoever) when they get burned, they understand that they should have just avoided it because they can get burned and so on. That really is the most important sort of knowledge. That’s why statements like “someone who has never made a mistake never tried anything new” and “to win, you have to first fail” exist and that’s why making mistakes is the best way to learn.
So by now you should be getting the bigger picture of this post, and that it, it takes time to build ‘proper’ knowledge and that time is forever. In essence, a person never truly stops learning because life always finds ways to surprise us, who would have thought that after so long, life can still be original with the problems it throws at us. You see, statements such as ‘I know everything’ cannot possibly exist because it is not logical for them to be, for example if a person lives in the middle-east he wouldn’t have to learn how to speak Greek or Mandarin (Chinese) as they are not exposed to those cultures and would have no benefit whatsoever from learning them, instead of spending time learning something that they almost will never use, how about they learn something that really matters, something that they will use in their every day life? 
‘I know everything’ cannot exist because the statement is too big. There is always something you don’t know because you aren’t exposed to it. You don’t even know it exists and yet, while remaining ignorant of the fact that it does, you claim you do, thus invalidating your original statement. Knowledge is a journey that never ends. Thus it is really pointless to claim such a thing because it cannot be true. 
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