Ignorants, Liars and Pretenders

Can you imagine what the world would be without these sort of people? I decided to talk about this issue -inspired by a question sent- because it really bothers me how annoying this is and how widespread it is. It’s surprising how can someone be really ignorant, and think to be the exact opposite? How do you tell who is and isn’t one? So many questions really strikes the mind when thinking about this topic. Hopefully, by the end of this post you’ll have a pretty good idea of how to tell the difference. 
Ignorant people first of all, do not fully understand logic. They do not understand the root of the problem to think of a solution for it. Think of it this way, if you jump to an issue you have no idea about right at the middle and try to make a judgement there and then, you’ll fail miserably, the reason is, you don’t know the whole story, so the best thing, and the first thing you should ask for, is the true unbiased story. Because only AFTER you understand the ROOT problem that you can tell. That’s the problem nowadays, too many people are blinded by pride to admit their wrong. Like it is something to be ashamed of. Everyone makes mistakes! A fact unknown to these people. 
One of the main problems with ignorants are that they really are not looking for the truth, see you can’t really convince someone who does not wish to know the truth (even if it contridicts his views) the greatest signs of ignorance is talking before listening. Sounds easy enough but it really makes all the difference. They talk before you finish talking, inturupting you, that’s the biggest sign that they are NOT looking for the truth, and thats really the part that I don’t understand, they SAY their looking at both sides of the story but what their actually DOING is, looking for evidence to support their theory. Then back up their views with lies and and twisted truth all because they are too damn proud to admit that there is a SLIGHT possibility that their wrong. Not only do they deny it. 
(The illusion of knowlege… greatest obstacle in the way to find the truth)
Liars also have lots in common with ignorants, while they are afraid of admitting their wrong, they generally suffer from a really REALLY low self-esteem, they have no confidence whatsoever in who they are as a person. They create characters and ‘play’ them according to whom they are talking to. They always feel inferior to you (thats another story, for another time) and to impress you, they come up with sily idiotic lies that they end up believing themselves. From what I’ve seen of them, they really had a terrible past or had a specific event or problem that triggered this sort of behaviour, and the one thing that is almost found in everyone nowadays (although these, more than others) is that they feel unappreciated. It is almost sad to feel that. They eventually grow out of this buble, though it takes time, but it will happen, they change into better people with time, just how much time really depends on the influence of people in their lives.
(If they’re not good at keeping small secrets, they’re not good at keeping big ones either)
Lastly, I wanted to talk about pretenders (hypocrits) in the end because they combine aspects from both types above, a pretender is much worst, and combines some of the worst attributes of both ignorants and liars. They’re a mix of of them of some sort. But where they defer is, that they have a sickness in their heart, often viewing themselves as victims, they have a tendancy to pretend that the entire world is not good enough for them, they feel they can accomplish so much more but are stripped of the chance to do so, they feel as someone is TAKING their chance, instead of trying to do something about it, they start spreading lies, to belittle whoever ‘stands in their way’. Also, almost the only difference between a pretender and an ignorant is the fact that when ignorants talk, you see their views, you see why their arguing you, they atleast have the decency to ‘try’ to point out some flaws (wither they’re flaws or not, is debatable) but pretenders, they cover up their real views, they agree with you on the spot yet behind your back point out the ‘flaws’ in a way where you can’t even defend or further explain anything. The fact is, they are really a dangerous type to know, because they of their two-faced nature, it’s really hard to withstand their insults and dualed attitude, and because of their “friend infront of you, backstabbers behind your back” nature, what I reccomend is, to just leave them alone. Don’t try to help them, they do not wish it, and it’ll end up costing you dearly. The easiest way to spot these people is just this, they are fond of themselves, and often praise themselves and talk about how ‘wonderful’ they are. The great things they have done, how they helped this person and have done this and that. 
In the end, I’ll leave you this time with this, and I really implore you all to follow this simple and very easy thing to get used to. It can really change your life: “If you can’t say it to their face, don’t say it at all”.
Until next time,
Also, I’d like to add that, I received all your questions, and promise to answer them, just please bare with me, as it’s just going to take a little more time.

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