Questions Answered: Part Two

We received a couple of interesting questions, some of them did not mention a great detail, and some were just plainly too general, but we answered them in the only way we know how, the best ‘unbiased and just’ answer that we could give.
Q: “hey i was wondering if u could help 

see im torn apart and dont know what to do … lets just say there was a situation , and someone ruined it on purpose out of jelousy , horrible person indeed i know , but i didnt say anythin cuz lets face it , theres no point in facing them because they feel no guilt no remose anyway…

my point is… i already lost one, if i confront the other, i lose a friend… what do i do? wheres the freakin right thing to do here? if i stay quiet it consumes me from the inside and if i talk i lose a friend…

hope u can help
A: The situation seems bad indeed. Look, you’ve done well by choosing not to speak to that person. Because by avoiding it, not only have you proven you are a good friend, but also a good human being. You see if you choose to harm yourself instead of a person (that has wronged you badly), can you really NOT call it the right thing? It doesn’t seem fair, but it is by far a great decision on your part and I applaud you for that. But what I don’t recommend is to let it consume you from the inside. What I would recommend is confronting the person who ruined it, and ask for a reason as to why they did what they did, they owe you atleast that much and you deserve to know the real motive behind their actions. Explain that you only want an honest answer and that you aren’t looking to blame them. Because they’re afraid of losing you as much as you are afraid to lose them.
Q: “hey… i need ur help 

theres this girl i love adn shes with a guy but i love her soooo mcuh and i wonder if its selfish of me to tell her how i feel bout her… what do u think
A: Before we go any further, just think of how much you actually love her. If you love her for who she is, or for what she does (there’s a clear difference there). Basically, what I would recommend is to wait, it’s not fair for her to know that you love her if she’s happy with who she’s with, and to answer your question, yes it is VERY selfish of you to tell her at the moment. If she’s happy right now, isn’t that supposed to make you happy anyways? Regardless of who she’s with?
Q: “Dealing with death Question:

What about those who never experience it before?
And those who fear it?
Especially for our dear loved ones?
A: Death is not something to be feared. On the contrary and this is what I tried to portray in the post, everything is beautiful because it has an ending. What’s left after someone dies are just the memories they have created with their loved ones. So in the end it really depends on what kinda impact you have on others. Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile to be honest. I believe that the challenge of facing the death of a loved one is indeed a very tough challenge, think of it this way (wither you believe in God or not), at worst their at peace, at nothing, away from all the bad things in this life, and at best, their at Heaven and what better fate/place is there than that? Just keep in mind that no one is truly gone forever, and that they live on through the lessons and impacts (be it good or bad) they had on others lives. Be happy for them, honor them by remembering who they were and what they stood for.
Also, please note that we will answer all questions. It’s just going to take a little more time so please hang in there!
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